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Aloha and welcome to Dream Ukes!


We’re dedicated to helping people meet great ukes.

Based in Hawai’i and Singapore, we base our service on honesty and integrity, and our promise to you is:

-Every uke and customer receives personal attention
-Each uke is setup, cared for and set out with care, as if it were our personal uke
-We stand behind each uke we sell and our goal is to keep things as fun as possible!
-We strive to give you the best customer service possible but most of all, your experience with us is fun, personal and memorable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist in any way.
Although we are based primarily in Singapore and Hawai’i, we travel extensively throughout the world bringing our ukes with us!

Kimo Hussey & Jessica Pau & Terence Tan,
The Dream Ukes Team.



  • Due to other commitments, Jessica Pau has taken over the day to day running of dreamukes. Terence is now relegated to photography duty and an advisory role!
  • We’ve put in an incoming ukes section on the sidebar for easier reference as we have a large and steady flow of exciting ukuleles!
  • Not just any news, but a really cool bit of news… we’re honored and excited that we are now working with Kimo Hussey! As an internationally reknown ukulele educator and player, Kimo needs no introduction and here is what he has to say

“I fully retired two years ago and decided my ukulele future was going to be giving back as much as I could. In so doing, I realized I was learning new things and hearing about new opportunities faster than I could give back —– and now I’m back in full bore so I can max out the FUN factor.I am so EXCITED and HONORED to tell you about a new partnership created with Terence Tan of Dream Ukes and me. Both Terence and I have been learning as much as we can about high-quality custom ukes.

The ever-growing worldwide ukulele renaissance has brought forth not only many ukulele players but also luthiers who make the instruments we enjoy. We really owe these makers a huge debt of gratitude because they’re doing a bang-up job making ukes that look better, play easier and sound fantastic(er). What a deal that is for us who enjoy playing. Even better, Terence and I are joining forces in order to better educate YOU on the research we’ve done (which, of course, involves playing these instruments as our form of R&D) to assure you know what’s out there and the quality available.

So our efforts primarily involve the Dream Ukes site that shows off the ukes we’re learning about. These ukes are available to you either by acquiring them directly through the website or letting us order something for you. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it on our site, do tell us so we can help in your search as best we can. Because we do this for FUN and love of ukulele, our goal is to offer you these instruments at prices quite similar to what would be paid if the consumer went directly to the luthier. We see ourselves as helping good makers get connected with good players. As there is no such thing as the ultimate ukulele, both Terence and I feel like kids in a candy store. Come join us in having fun!

Terence and I bring several comprehensive and varied experiences in our service to you and great ukulele music and fun is always the goal!!!!!”