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2013 Compass Rose Flamed Mahogany Tenor Special

Posted by on August 3, 2013


  • 2013
  • New, with warranty from maker
  • Highly figured Mastergrade Mahogany top,  back and sides
  • Gloss Finish
  • Black binding with rope purfling on top
  • Lightweight Open Gotoh tuners
  • Carbon fiber fingerboard reinforcement
  • Cantilevered Ebony fingerboard
  • Fingerboard side inlays
  • Soundport
  • Deluxe Access Gig Bag – better than some hardcases we’ve seen!
  • Rick Turner’s experience as a luthier is evident here: it is the little things which make such a big difference. The slight bevel to the fingerboard bindings for comfort,  the setup: low but plenty of space to spare on the saddle… the list can go on.
  • When we were ordering this uke, Rick Turner told us he : ” This flame mahogany is exceptional…very even width deep curl, perfectly quartered…it’s unusual and the real deal.  It could almost pass for koa except for the evenness of the color.   I’ve only had this quality to do two other ukes a few years ago. ” …we were convinced immediately!
  • This ukulele is just plain wonderful. Kimo says: “The wonderful overall sound of this uke is its BEST asset.  The way it has opened up just in the short time it’s been here is phenomenal.  It has a bright, clear sound and what looks to be a set of Aquila strings drive this instrument perfectly.  I LOVE the blend that is achieved which means the harmonies produced by this instrument are really fantastic.  Good intonation helps a ton.  It really fits my style of play quite nicely “
  • In fact he liked it so much, he used it on his video series (see above!)
  • Our Pricing: US$2080- HOLD
  • Please contact us to purchase or if we can help at all!

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