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AJ Lucas Instruments

We’ve known Adrian for a long time, having worked with him on many guitars- his work is always sonically impressive and his woodworking sense impeccable. His ukuleles has been garnering praise for their light and responsive build.

Here’s what Adrian has to say about himself:

“In the late 70s I studied architecture, and left college with a degree and a sense of structure and form. A stint as a joiner reinforced my interest in working with wood, originally absorbed as a child in the environment of the family joinery business. Meanwhile constant activity as a musician deepened my understanding of the guitar from a player’s perspective. I began building guitars in 1990 at an evening class under the tutelage of Roy Courtnall, learning traditional Spanish methods. Having set up my own workshop, I soon began exploring ideas from many other makers as well as developing my own concepts, and have experimented with and refined these over the years. I have always listening to feedback from the most demanding of players and simultaneously have become sensitised to what I am listening for in a great guitar.

During my time as a guitar maker I have illustrated a book on guitar making,   ‘Making Master Guitars’ by Roy Courtnall (Robert Hale 1993). This has become something of a standard textbook in the field and was a real stepping-stone in my own research and building methods. I have taught guitar making classes over the years and am currently teaching classical guitar making two days a week at Newark College in Nottinghamshire. I regularly show my work at exhibitions in both the UK and the USA.”

Available Ukes: 

  • We’re fresh out of ukes from Adrian Lucas,  if you like this ukulele pictured but wanted something with a slightly different set of options, we would love help you with custom ordered Lucas. Please contact us to purchase or if we can help at all!

Sold Ukes: 


Here are the specs: Construction photos below

Concert size
Back sides and top: English yew
Neck: reclaimed South American mahogany
Fingerboard: English laburnum
Bridge: English laburnum
Scale length: 375.8mm
Tuning pegs: Grover Champion
The reason for the very precise scale length figure is that it is a subdivision of a 632mm (small Martin) scale and is very close to the 14” specified for a Concert. This means I can use my 632 scale template to cut the slots starting at fret 9.

Nice piece of mahogany for the neck. Thanks to Ed Korolyk for donating his window frames.

A laburnum log from the neighbour’s tree which was trimmed a couple of years ago. I’m cutting this up to make bindings and bridge to match the fingerboard.

Trimming the laburnum into a workable shape.

Jointing the back.

Jointing the front.

Soundhole cut out

Top braced up

Drilled heel curve

Shaping the heel

Final bracing of the top and fitting sides

The sides meet the top

I used this 632mm scale fretting template for the fret slotting. This is the scale for a small Martin guitar but if I use fret 9 as the end of the fingerboard I get a scale of 375.8 which is perfect for a concert uke.

Scraping laburnum for the fingerboard.

Completed fingerboard


Ready for the back

gluing the back

Gluing up the binding

Gluing the fingerboard

Nice bit of sapwood which runs up to the heel cap

Lucas Yewkulele

Matching yew sides!