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Compass Rose Ukuleles


Rick Turner need no introduction, he’s been in the lutherie business for man years and is deeply respected for his skills and innovations. His company, Rennaissance guitars is a small workshop dedicated to crafting the finest instruments possible…. including Ukes!

The tone of the Compass Rose tenor ukulele is warm, punchy, and clear with volume to spare. These Tenor Ukes features a cantilevered extended fingerboard, a fan-braced top, and the familiar Turner/Renaissance “A” line peghead.

Compass Rose ukuleles are inspired by the shape of a late 19th Century parlor mandolin produced by the Elias Howe Instrument Co. of Boston and designed by James Orme, a Canadian luthier. Renaissance has combined old and new elements in their design to offer the best of all worlds for discriminating Ukulele players of all levels of performance. Renaissance Guitars incredibly pleased that two top acoustic musicians, Daniel Ho and John Jorgenson (Elton John, Hellecasters, John Jorgenson Group) feel that Compass Rose has nailed the sound they like and have made a recording-worthy instrument.


 Available Ukes:

  • We’re fresh out of ukes from Compass Rose,  if you like this ukulele pictured but wanted something with a slightly different set of options, we would love help you with custom ordered Compass Rose. Please contact us to purchase or if we can help at all!

 Sold Ukes: