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Join Us!


Our primary motivation at Dreamukes is to help luthiers create a presence for their work and connecting them with customers.

As a luthier,

The big advantage of Dream Ukes to you, the ukulele maker, is to handle a big share of your marketing so you can concentrate on continuing to make ukes and improving your craft.

  • Kimo Hussey tours and teaches extensively throughout the world, enabling us to physically demonstrate your instruments to a large, international audience.
  • Terence Tan holds regular meets in Singapore and has extensive internet, social media contacts and expertise, enabling us to virtually demonstrate and display your instrument to a large audience.
  • Addtionally, Terence and Kimo’s background in instruments affords them the ability to offer rare and unusual tonewoods for construction, not often openly available, such as CITES certified Brazilian Rosewood, Exhibition grade Koa and Pernambuco.

As a player,

Partnering with ukulele makers lets us help you by matching them up with ukes. From builders we know, trust and respect.

  • Dreamukes maintains a good stock of high quality ukuleles chosen for their tonal characteristics and construction.
  • We also have a large turnover of pre-owned and pre-ordered ukuleles which means we can look towards future, new ukuleles if our current stocklist doesn’t suit you.
  • We can aid with custom orders from our partners to ensure you get a ukulele exactly the way you want!