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Scott Wise Ukuleles


Scott Wise has always had a deep interest in historic Hawaiian ukuleles and their precursors from Portugal and Spain. Having built ukuleles since 1979, his belief that the traditional lightly built handmade ukuleles have important characteristics which are not found in modern instruments.

His work in regaining some of the old magic results in lightweight, responsive acoustic instruments first and foremost. They are quite different to the heavy, glossy, guitar-like instruments which prevail nowadays.

Scott work alone, building largely by hand in Margaret River, Western Australia, a place where forest meets a beautiful surf coast, much like Hawaii and the U.S. mainland west coast. He builds Piccolo, Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone ukuleles.

What folks have been saying about Scott’s Ukes, just from a very quick search from the ukulele underground forum:

“I have a Jarrah uke and several Blackwood ukes made by Scott Wise, and they have a great sound. ”

“A few months ago, in a higher-end shop, I played a collection of ukuleles. The Scott Wise I played really stood out among the luthier made instruments.”

“Every time I leave there I wonder how those Wise’s aren’t snatched up. They are terrific ukes. At the price point, I give them an edge over Collings. ”

“Scott Wise makes superb ukes. I have a Scott Wise concert and I absolutely love it!”

“Scott Wise is probably the best, he works with blackwood which exactly like koa. His ukes are among the lightest and most responsive I have heard. And they look fabulous.”


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