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Care for your ukulele




The climate varies between region to region, with the seasons, with heaters, with air conditioners, temperature and humidity. Often times when an instrument is shipped, the action and setup will change. Most of the time, it is not an issue with ukes as the changes are likely to be minor.

Our ukes are in general setup with a medium 3-4mm action at the 12fret to handle most contingencies but sometimes, a further setup may be required. It’s part and parcel of the changes in climate and shipping fine instruments around the world.

Our ukes are also priced to take in account the cost of a setup when it is adopted, to help out our friends!

Care for your ukulele

Here are a few tips for helping your uke stay healthy and give you pleasure for a lifetime.

  • Temperature. Avoid extremes of temperatures which means no hot or cold cars. Definitely no hot car boots! Cracking/warping/glues loosening etc. can occur.
  • Humidity. Maintaining a humidity of 35% to 65%, will ensure the wood doesn’t dry out or gain too much moisture. In low humidity environments, the action will fall and dryness cracks may develop. In humid places, the action may rise or the end of the fretboard may rise, giving rise to buzzing.
  • New strings. We recommend changing your strings at least once to twice a year. Strings develop inconsistencies in the radius